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Does This Still Work?

Feb 10, 2021

Is this the dawn of  Dad Jokes? Joe and George take a look at a film neither had seen before this and yet they still managed to know just about every line in it. Like literally... just... about... every... line... in... it.  


The Making of Jive Talk from Airplane!

This clip has Jim Abrams with David and Jerry Zucker, the writers/directors, and Al White with Normal Gibbs, talking about how they worked out the language in that scene.


The script for Zero Hour!

Zero Hour! was released in 1957, and was the inspiration for Airplane!. By “inspiration,” I mean it took so much from it that the producers had to officially acquire the rights. This is the dialog script, with bolded lines where the dialog is identical between the two movies. In particular, the line: “The life of everybody aboard depends on just one thing: Finding someone back there who not only can fly this plane, but who didn't have fish for dinner. was what prompted Abrams and the Zuckers’ to make Airplane!.

Mariel Boatlift

Cuban flight