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Does This Still Work?

Aug 26, 2020

Is anybody not mad as hell these days? Anyway, former reporter Marshall Stevens joins Joe & George as they take a look into what was no doubt the inspiration for Fox News, 1976’s Network. 




Aug 19, 2020

Sure, a million dollars for a night with your wife should lead to a million dollars for a hippo. Why not? The guys check out the Worst Picture winner at the 1993 Razzies, Indecent Proposal with Guest, Vong Show.  



Aug 12, 2020

There is no laughing in the purple rain in this episode as the guys take in The Color Purple. Plus, they give an idea to the National Film Registry (Do your part) 



Aug 5, 2020

Everybody wants to rule the world. But does everyone like Real Genius as much as the guy who recommended it? And by everyone, we mean Joe and George. Plus, fun times for smart kids circa 1985. That’s a joke, it doesn’t sound like fun at all.